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Ishita Gupta, an aesthetic designer and creator of Vaidaan uses the power of her brain and an affinity from heart to develop and implement her ideas in handmade jewellery designing and its unique creation.

She believes in the words hard-work with smart talent and an impeccable execution. Her desire to blend the INDIAN ETHNICITY with MODERNIZATION is precisely designed in her creations.

Her astute nature towards handmade embroidered jewellery and its intrigue design is evidential in her success. Creating and implementing distinguished embroidered designs is her artistic signature.  

Her perseverance to achieve her passion by blending the Authentic Indian embroidery from fabric to jewellery designing is commendable and magnificent. 

Her resilient powers despite of multiple down fall have made her to think in a much stronger and challenging manner. 

She built her forte with one vision 

“Design your way, experience the best, learn the rest, teach yourself, accomplish all you want.” 

She has achieved this milestone at a short span of time but she says there is still a long way to go. It’s just a beginning of her desire to succeed in what she dreamt off. Young, ardent and fearless, challenging are just a few adjectives from dictionary. To prescribe her personality it’s all self-explanatory in her line of vision.

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May 18, 2017



A large variety of jewellery is made from silver and it’s beauty is unbeatable. Silver is a common metal which can get along with any apparel you choose to adore to. It is always said that silver belongs to the prestigious and classic lot of the family of metals. And it proves right. It’s spectrum is beyond the measure of any metals we use. 

The spark in silver is something that even you add a pinch of it to gold it will add more grace then the original appearance. Additionally, silver is a kind of metal which will give you that emergence you wanted on any specific day. This precious metal can tag along with any coloured stones, beads, crystals, sequins, threads etc. the end result is always beyond one’s expectation and keep you startled.

Our two predominant customers SHILPA and ANITA have one of their best moment again in a different context, take a sneak-peak as to what happened. 


SHILPA got back home from her work and it was just another day in her calendar. Suddenly her daughter PRIYA came running to her with so much of anxiety and expectations from SHILPA. This definitely startled her because PRIYA is always busy with herself and this was one of the unexpected behavioural days from her. 

SHILPA asked “what happened all well at school? Did you get caught up in something”? 

PRIYA- “sighed” no Mom I have this huge thing coming up I need your help no one can do better than you in that. 

SHILPA- “sighed” (lagale jitna makkhan lagana hain laga le) keep buttering me as much as you want…but what is the thing that’s coming up PRIYA, Explain me that thing? 

PRIYA- It’s a SILVER PAGEANT contest at school and MAM has selected me as one of the finalist. I am myself surprised but I want to seriously win it.

SHILPA- joked-“you won so far, wow! (akhir beti kiski hain) after all, you are my daughter baby … 

PRIYA- MOM jokes apart kindly concentrate on the event and how should I look like I need to win that crown.

SHILPA- as every philosophical mother of the world, “whether you win or lose, you have come so far on your own without even a drop of expectation from my end is an achievement and I am proud of you”.

With the contest around I will definitely help you but winning or losing is not in our hands. 

PRIYA- “sighed” Ma please! 

Shilpa was under deep thoughts she hasn’t even taken a sip of her hot masala tea that actually become a cold tea and now she is wondering to rather not have it. She then checked her wardrobe, her collections she didn’t have anything that will actually support PRIYA’s expectations and won’t afford the contest. 

Hence she told PRIYA about the jewellery page where she and ANITA ordered jewels during her uncles wedding. 

PRIYA was completely astonished to see the wave of silver collectives in the page and was confused to choose the one that she has to buy for her contest. Since the event is all correlated with SILVER she has to match her apparel with SILVER adornments. SHILPA advised PRIYA- “baby girl!, silver is that kind of a precious metal that can satisfy your appearance with any apparel you choose to wear.”

PRIYA’s confusion got cleared the only worry she had in her mind was to choose the best and unique ornament from the silver yard. Her augmentation towards silver ornaments was high as the sparkle in silver was unprecedented and splendid. She had only one thought in her mind and she told that to her mom 

“MA! Silver is stunning and the jewels here are even more spectacular”

She chose the best styled contemporary yet traditionally supportive ornate; threaded and sequenced by silver beads with crystalS & mirrors surrounded by black beads was her necklace, a completely silver embellished headgear covering the whole of her forehead, and triple silver crystal teasels to her ears, a stunning silver beaded bracelet to her wrist giving a twist . She matched them with a black Indo-western dress adding silver spice to it with her SILVER SHINE lining on the edges, giving her the look of a silver lining shine through the dark sky attracting every single eye on the earth to look up high to have a view at her.

Her concept was to show the balance between INDIAN and WESTERN culture and this appearance will incredibly satisfy her concept of winning without much of any explanation.

Did she win or not? Let’s leave that to the panellists. Till then you also have a look at our Silver Collection, here’s the link –