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Ishita Gupta, an aesthetic designer and creator of Vaidaan uses the power of her brain and an affinity from heart to develop and implement her ideas in handmade jewellery designing and its unique creation.

She believes in the words hard-work with smart talent and an impeccable execution. Her desire to blend the INDIAN ETHNICITY with MODERNIZATION is precisely designed in her creations.

Her astute nature towards handmade embroidered jewellery and its intrigue design is evidential in her success. Creating and implementing distinguished embroidered designs is her artistic signature.  

Her perseverance to achieve her passion by blending the Authentic Indian embroidery from fabric to jewellery designing is commendable and magnificent. 

Her resilient powers despite of multiple down fall have made her to think in a much stronger and challenging manner. 

She built her forte with one vision 

“Design your way, experience the best, learn the rest, teach yourself, accomplish all you want.” 

She has achieved this milestone at a short span of time but she says there is still a long way to go. It’s just a beginning of her desire to succeed in what she dreamt off. Young, ardent and fearless, challenging are just a few adjectives from dictionary. To prescribe her personality it’s all self-explanatory in her line of vision.

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May 18, 2017

PANKH : A Bewitching Ensemble

As the winds pass through every time you feel the fresh air gracing over your skin. Through the windows through doors, anywhere you cannot stop the freedom of wind. 

So is PANKH an unstoppable tempting collection. Each unique design is the artistic outlook of a free mind who just contributes towards its creation. 

If it’s a storm it can destroy anything, if it’s a wind it will just give you the feel of fresh air with a muddy spell to calm it down followed by heavy rains. Later when the sun beams in glory the rainbow appears with its beautiful colours. That’s how PANKH ensembles its beauty. It is a glory from dusk to dawn and stays the way. 

PANKH- She is an unstoppable temptation with her unique collection.

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“Weavelock Bracelet”